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The Asbury Eagles Club does a number of social events throughout the year for the members.  The events have included:
In addition to the events listed above the club operates a social club that sponsors various events each month.

The social club is open:

Monday: 4-11 P.M.
Tuesday: 4-11 P.M.
Wednesday: 4-Midnight
Thursday:  4-Midnight
Friday:  4-2 A.M.
Saturday:  4-2 A.M.
Sunday:  Open on Sundays starting Sept. 9th

Each month a calendar of events is sent to all members with a newsletter.  

January/February 2019 Calendar July/August 2019 Calendar
March/April 2019 Calendar September/October 2019 Calendar
May/June 2019 Calendar November/December 2019 Calendar


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