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The Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded in 1898 in Seattle, Washington. The Fraternal Order of Eagles has over 1 million members.  The Eagles base their philosophy on "Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality, for Home, for Country and for God."  Over the years the Fraternal Order of Eagles have been the driving force for the establishment of Mother's Day, Social Security, jobs after 40, and Medicare to mention a few.

Why Join the Eagles?

The Asbury Eagles Club is an organization where you do not need to have any specific talents--just an interest in meeting others, helping to support the community and helping others. Once you are a member you become eligible to receive the benefits of the Eagle's memorial fund.  If a person is an Eagle member and has a loss of life on the job or job related each of his/her children is entitled to $10,000 in medical benefits up to age 18; up to $30,000 in college tuition to age 25; and payment for doctor and dental bills while the student is attending college.  Also the Eagles have  a drug prescription card for members who wish to utilize it.  This card allows members to receive a discount on any drug prescription purchases.

What is My Time Commitment?

Each member decides on how active to become.  The Asbury Eagles Club has membership meetings twice a month. You decide how active you can become from time to time and join in.

Membership Dues

New Aerie Membership dues and initiation:  $30
New Auxiliary Membership dues and initiation:  $25
Renewal Aerie Membership dues:  $30 per year
Renewal Auxiliary Membership dues:  $20 per year

If you are interested in joining the Asbury Eagles Club, please email the club at or print the attached application and return to the Asbury Eagles Club.

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